Our Story



Our journey began in 1947…

Under the leadership of the Danville District Superintendent, Dr. Coffey, and members of First Methodist Church in Martinsville a survey went out to discern the need for a Methodist Church in Collinsville, VA. This meeting was later opened to the surrounding Methodist churches of First, Wesley Memorial, Feildale, Bassett, Stanleytown, Ridgeway, and Mount Bethel. On January 2, 1949 the first officers were selected and we became an official church under the title of Collinsville Methodist Church. 

On November 13, 1949 we officially changed our name to Smith Memorial Methodist Church in honor of Mr. John R. Smith who gave us a land donation of our current lot. While we were waiting for our church to be built we worshipped at Crooms Cleaners, a local laundry mat in town. On May 22, 1955 our church building was dedicated and officially open for worship. Since this time we have built, re-built, and added additions to our church building. 

Today, we still bare the mark of those first members who sought to make the Collinsville Community a better community with the addition of the people called Methodists. (Today, you can still worship with a few of the charter members who are still here many years later.)  While we are no longer in a laundry mat, we are engaged in our communities life. You can find us in the local elementary schools passing our lunches with our Summer Feed Program and our Smile Sacks ministry. You can also find the schools inside of our church with our Step-A-Head ministry team and our partnership with the Collinsville YMCA Preschool.  We also participate in the Christmas Giving Tree, Monthly Community Meals, Scouts, and so much more!

Our history at Smith Memorial is filled with shining moments, but we believe that our future is just as bright! Come and help us write the next chapter of Smith Memorials history in Collinsville, VA.