Music Ministries

Chancel Choir-

The adult choir of SMUMC meets every Wednesday night from 7:30-9:00 p.m. except the month of August.  We are a strictly volunteer choir, no tryouts!  At these practices we prepare an anthem for Sunday worship, as well as work on music for any special programs such as a Lenten drama, Thanksgiving service, or Christmas cantata.  Practice CDs for specific voicing-soprano, alto, and bass--are provided for the Christmas cantata for those who would like to sing in the cantata, but are unable to commit to participating throughout the year.  We welcome new volunteers.

Praise Team-

The Praise Team is a group of singers and musicians who lead "praise and worship" music as part of the Sunday worship service.   We rehearse Wednesday evenings and Sunday mornings in preparation.  No formal music background required nor the need to read music (we use "chord sheets and lyrics").  People interested in playing musical instruments with the team (or even learning guitar) can always come to the Wednesday rehearsals.


The Audio/Visual Ministries work "behind the scenes" to provide a pleasing worship experience for the congregation through projected lyrics, scriptures, text, etc., accompaniment music for the choir and soloists, microphones, etc.  These people cue music, mute and unmute microphones, adjust volumes, and step through the projection material each Sunday.  These people do come in early on Sunday mornings to adjust sound for the Praise Team and choir during their rehearsals.

Worship Helpers

This area of service calls us to offer our time and talents, and supports our growth in discipleship by participating in our weekly worship services. Below are a list of areas you can serve and training is offered for all positions. Many of these areas of service are set up on a rotating schedule.

Ushers/Greeters – Needed for each Sunday to greet church members and visitors, hand out bulletins, answer questions, help members find a seat. The ushers also serve during the time of offering each Sunday. This is set up on a rotating schedule.

Communion Stewards – needed first Sunday of each month to set up communion elements for the worship service.

Security Team – This is a team that makes sure that our sanctuary and children’s area are secure during Sunday morning worship time.

Acolytes – Need one person each Sunday, of any age, that is willing to bring in the light of Christ to the worship service, light the candles on the altar at the beginning of the service. Then distinguish the candles at the end of the service and carrying the light out. This is assigned on a rotating schedule.

Bible Carrier – Need one person each Sunday, of any age, that is willing to carry the Bible into the Worship Service and place it on the Altar. At the end of the service, you would carry the bible out of the service. This is assigned on a rotating schedule.  

Nursery – Needed (2) people each Sunday during the worship time to sit with our most precious gifts, our small children from infant to Pre-k.

Scripture Readers – Need one person that is will to read the Psalter each Sunday. This is a responsive reading with the congregation. This is set up on a rotating schedule.

Children’s Message – Need one to two people that will share a message with our children during the worship service. It is usually based on the theme of the scripture or sermon topic for that week. This is assigned on a rotating schedule.